The Art of Photography With Stanley Aryanto

A podcast where you can learn, be inspired and fall in love with photography all over again.

My goal for this podcast is to help you to find hope, purpose and happiness through photography. Whether it’s to:


Learn the journey, passion and stories behind other photographers.


Get inspired and motivated knowing that we all struggle at one point or another.


Learn and progress your skill further through these world-class photographers’ experiences and mistakes.

As you see these extraordinary photographers on social media, sometimes it’s easy to think that they’re an overnight success. For that reason, we often expect expensive gear and YouTube Videos will get you there in a week or two, whereas in fact most of these photographers took years to get to where they are right now.

Many of us didn’t realise is the hard work and sacrifices these photographers put into building their craft. So if you been feeling down because you feel your progress is not fast enough, or you have lost your creative mojo, perhaps some of these stories can be an inspiration to bring back your passion.

Photography is more about the journey, it’s a part of our life.

I’m also wanting to be able to provide a platform for photographers to be able to share their stories past the 160 characters on social media. 

If you’re like us our main purpose for photography is to be happy. Whether it is through:

Social media following and true fans should follow as a result but the main purpose of photography is not to get those likes and followers on social media. 

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Latest Episode

How Pete O’Hara channels his rejection from Hollywood to do what he is passionate about the most - adventure photography & videography

Hey Wicked Hunters, Welcome back to The Art of Photography Podcast, Today I want to welcome Peter O’Hara. Pete considers himself “A guy trying to live out adventures I created in my head as a child while flipping through National Geographic Magazines.” The majority of Pete’s early creative career was spent working in the Canadian television industry, providing the fortunate opportunity at a young age to travel the world while developing my skills as a cinematographer, editor, and photographer.

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Episode 31

Tiba’s Journey to Capture One Of The Rarest Moment of A Mountain Gorilla Pounding His Chest

Today we have Tiba from Brazil. He is a Capoeira expert and a photographer and over the years he has worked with many famous singers/artists and travelled to many countries around the globe.

Episode 37

How Ali Ejmal mindset to get out of his comfort zone helped him to captured one stunning astrophotography on his first try

Ali Ejmal is a Photographer & Videographer who loves telling stories through his camera lens. Originally from Libya and now based in Auckland, New Zealand. Creativity, travel and learning are the core foundation of who he is. He enjoys capturing special moments with my camera, loves to put a smile on someone’s face and inspires others.

Episode 30

The Journey Behind Jules Ingall Pursuit To Live The Life She Always Dreams of As A Kid To Become a Professional Photographer

In this episode, I’m excited to have Jules Ingall with us sharing her photography journey. Jules is a Community Manager Canon Collective Facebook Page and has been living her passion at an early stage of her life.

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